General Application
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our human resources policy

Teleset; provides all facilities in the HR processes (education, career development , the success of the human resource structure ,organizational structure, its planning, salary system, social rights and their implementations) to its workpeople for individual development, performance and progress with the importance given to human resources which play an important role in achieving its success.

Teleset Company, makes planning about various topics in behalf of the worker’s goals and objectives and these plans are followed by HR Department during the year.

Our Basic Functions
• Furniture Sales and Marketing (Strategy-Marketing-Sales)
• Businesses (Strategy- Production-Maintenance-Quality Control-Planning-Project Investment)
• Finance (Strategy-Planning-Control-Accounting-Finance-Law-Information Technology)
• Human Resources (Strategy and Organization Development-Education-Personnel Administration-Recruitment and Compensation, Industrial Relations)
• Purchasing (Strategy-Purchasing-Logistics)