• You also come to TELESET, don’t miss the reduction chances.
  • It enables you decorate the corners with changeable corner options as you wish. It is adding colour to your house with the feature of being bed for two persons and with design of boxes.
  • A dining room whenever you like and a console to whenever you desire! MiniMax is the great solution of small spaces.
  • It reflects the style thereof with its endless closet system with its structure that fits in every room and with its functional bedside table which can be converted into coffee table.
  • Fabiano looks great in your room with the unlimited combination options thereof and leaves the design to your imagination.
  • Fabiano Dining Room

    It offers alternative color combinations to large families in addition to its function of usability by 6-8- 10 persons.

  • Carlo Young Room

    Its dresser with rotary table has the feature of being convertible to working desk whenever desired.

  • Lezalt Bedroom

    Endless closet system that can adapt to any space with the property comes to your home with design structure.

  • Minimax

    It has the features of dining table and tv unit- console as a combination thanks to its design providing custom solutions for narrow spaces.

  • 4 Awards for Teleset

    Teleset,which is one of the leaders of Turkish furniture sector has exhibited its 2014 collection formed of striking designs in İSMOB Fair held at Yeşilköy CNR Expo İstanbul between January 28-February 2.


  • ISMOB 2016

    We are sincerely inviting you to visit us at İSMOB 2016 FURNITURE FAIR, HALL 7


  • minimax
  • fabiano
  • carlo/suzy
  • lezalt
  • The smart solution of
    small dining rooms

    Minimax is an awarded product which designed for people have problems with small dining rooms and brings facility to your life.

    Your dining table is ready
    whenever you want.

    Brings an elegant design to your dining room as forming table with opening parts.

  • Fabiano functional nightstand
    is just for you.

    Fabiano functional nightstand looks classy and brings comfort of use to your bedroom.

    Coffeetable or nightstand?

    Fabiano functional nightstand is coffeetable and also nightstand with the design answers all your needs as functionally.

  • Young rooms must be
    as dynamic as youngs.

    Study, rest and entertainment areas are all-in-one in young rooms. Functional chest of drawer can be used as study table once opened.

    Smart Designs in young rooms.

    Modular bed extra units bring freedom to teens. Beds which including originality in design, become beds for two people with the speacilty of extra module unit.

  • Original Designs for Bedrooms

    Functionality in Lezalt Bedrooms is at first plan. Lezalt functional nightstand provides multi-motions as being nightstand and also coffee table in your bedroom.

    Great design!

    Lezalt functional nightstand will cover your needs with its original design as becoming coffee table when you want.

  • Flawless and productive

    We are producing with our zero-defect philosophy in our facilities and striving to keep the production efficiency at the highest level.

  • Computer-controlled

    We keep our products in our warehouses by computer control and ensure them to provide the shipping processes in the most efficient way.

  • Full-time logistics

    The products which are stored in our warehouse in a controlled manner are transferred to our stores without error with a planned timing.

  • Optimum price

    We are able to provide optimal price performance thanks to our zero-defect philosophy in our production as well as through technology-supported storage activities.

  • Expert help in cost estimate and installation

    We support your esteemed side with our team expert in the fields of cost estimate and installation regarding every corner of your home.

  • Two-year warranty service

    We furnish warranty of two years for our products and support our consumers.